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Birch wood

KIDWOOD climbing frames are made of 100% birch wood

Do you know what advantage has birch wood?

It is much denser than other types of wood, therefore heavier, so it will last much longer than, for example, a climbing frame made of pine.

* the wooden photo was taken from our slide

Untreated birch wood also does not contain harmful substances such as plasticizers or dyes, which is very important in playground equipment for children.

For this reason, birch wood is very often used for high-quality furniture, decking, beds, floors or structures that will last for a long time, and also for our high-quality KIDWOOD climbing frames.

BIRCH WOOD IS A FAST GROWING RAW MATERIAL - SOMETHING SUSTAINABLE - birch grows much faster than other tree species.

Birch wood toy has its own feeling

Unlike toys that are often made of lightweight plastic or plywood, solid wood toys have much more weight, so children are more aware of what they are doing when interacting with the toy. This weight is good for practicing and increasing awareness of fine motor skills.

Heavier toys help children learn to control their movements better.

Solid wood has an antibacterial effect and retains this effect even when painted.

With solid wood climbing frames children are safe and optimally promoted!

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