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5 basic motor skills

It's clear that movement promotion is about encouraging movement. But what does it mean in concrete terms🤔? And how can movement be optimally promoted at home as well?

The principle of movement promotion is: children simply have to move:

as much as possible🏃

as varied as possible🏃

everywhere where possible🏃

And they can usually do that very well on their own🤸🤸🤸 We parents just have to support the urge to move ❤️

Thereby 5 basic motor skills can be observed and trained:

1. mobility

2. coordination

3. endurance

4. strength

5. speed

How can the basic motor skills also be trained at home?

This mainly involves the so-called basic movements. This means that children need to practice running, jumping, balancing, climbing stairs, taking large and small steps, crawling, climbing, swinging and hanging over and over again at their own pace. Trying new things and overcoming age- and developmentally-appropriate challenges are also part of the process.

Even if for us adults, these movements look very simple, it is very important for the development to master them as well as possible. That is why children do not get bored repeating the same thing over and over again. The well-developed basic motor skills show not only on the playground, but also at school. Motor skills also influence communication and social skills.

The Kidwood indoor climbing frame is an optimal companion from the beginning of walking to school age and allows a variety of exercise at any time, even at home!


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