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Do children really move too little?

Unfortunately, it is true. There are several reasons for this. In the living spaces where we spend a lot of time, many children often have few opportunities to let off steam. To exercise, we need special places - like a gym, a fitness room, a playground or a park. And usually a fixed date. Access to these places is limited for many children. For that, we parents need to make time to take the kids to a playground, for example. And that can be really challenging in our day-to-day lives, when we have to balance work and family.

That is why the promotion of movement in everyday life must be planned consciously, especially for children. However, it should not add stress to the parents. The easiest way is to create a movement-friendly environment at home as well. This allows children to exercise at their own pace and in a familiar atmosphere.

This could be used to create a movement-friendly environment:

- install a climbing wall

- hang a basketball hoop

- build obstacle courses/trails at home

- Play movement games: Ring toss game, bowling, darts, etc.

The general aim is to create a safe environment in the home/children's room so that children can really let off steam while parents remain calm.

In order to keep motivation high, there should be variety in the exercise activities. The Kidwood climbing frame also offers safe, certified opportunity to let off steam at home at any time. Numerous accessories and 5 play positions offer a lot of variety and challenge.

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