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Eureka by Kidwood

Life size building blocks

Made from 100% solid birch wood


What do children learn with EUREKA?

  • mechanical rules and  constructive thinking

  • Basic knowledge of physics and engineering

  • Children create their own world with endless possibilities and there are no limits to the imagination!


EUREKA is suitable for the whole family

A game that is fun for both adults and children.

Working together strengthens relationships and brings the whole family together.

It's fast, interesting and a lot of fun!


Advantages of EUREKA compared to other toys

  • Compared to plastic, wood is more sustainable and has a pleasant feel.

  • Perfect for indoor use.

  • Eureka building blocks are large and promote both fine motor skills and gross motor skills, as they also encourage movement.

  • Plenty of room for imagination and many play possibilities.

  • Promotes free play and never gets boring.

  • Wood looks aesthetically pleasing.

  • Not just for building, but also for actively playing with the built models.


Available in 3 set sizes

  • There are three different sizes: SMALL (S) - MEDIUM (M) - LARGE (L)

  • Each set contains:

  • - Rods in different lengths
    - Blocks, wheels, steering wheels, rope
    - Screws

  • It is possible to create your own universe:

  • Table, ship, crane, car, house, swing, scooter, and so much more

  • Scale models with which children can create their own world.

  • Each set offers countless, unique, and diverse construction and play possibilities.





Natural wood material is pleasantly heavy, has its own tactile sensation, and thus promotes sensory perception.

Wood has a warm feel and looks beautiful.

Eureka building blocks are made from 100% birch solid wood, making them sustainable and ecological

PRF_4675 (1).JPG


Recommended Age: 6 years and up

Not suitable for children under 3 years old

EUREKA is also suitable for kindergartens and children's groups.

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