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Kidwood is TÜV approved

Our Kidwood climbing scaffolds have been subjected to various tests by the TÜV and thus tested for their properties and load capacity and ultimately awarded the TÜV seal.

All these tests mean special safety and optimal playing fun for children with Kidwood climbing frames.

Excellent play value TÜV tested

The development of the child is easily promoted through play. The child becomes more confident and the motor skills and the musculoskeletal system are optimally supported from the beginning, from infancy to school age. Thus, a good motor development is guaranteed for the children. Children are trained from the beginning to be in motion and develop healthy.

What exactly is tested by TÜV

  • Distance between the rungs

  • Risk of entrapment and injury

  • Load capacity

  • Flammability

  • Noise measurement

  • Plasticizers and pollutants

  • Hygiene

  • Tensile strength

  • Tear resistance

With Kidwood, children are always on the safe side!

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